Our Track Record:
Past Accomplishments

CEAAC (now Coalition for Education Equity) was founded in 1996 to bring equity and improvement to public education in Alaska. For years some parts of Alaska with greater legislative clout were funded for both their school facilities and education delivery better than other areas of the state. CEAAC formed to correct these inequities and to pursue the dream of high achievement for every student.

Here is a brief summary of some of CEAAC’s legislative accomplishments:

  • Moved over $2 billion dollars into new school construction and renovation in rural Alaska, leveraging legislative action through the Kasayulie litigation
  • Developed the Rural Schools Construction mechanism to ensure rural schools receive their fair share of state school construction funds
  • Supported many needed capital improvement projects, Internet upgrades and technology to under-resourced schools
  • Successfully defended and expanded voluntary Pre-K programs
  • Stopped efforts to increase the minimum school enrollment
  • Developed innovative grants and strategies for teacher retention, student success and teacher development with the State Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) as part of the legislative action to implement the Moore settlement
  • Established opportunities for Regional Learning Centers and tripled reimbursement for students in these centers
  • Fought in concert with Great Alaska Schools and other education-oriented entities to secure a higher Base Student Allocation (BSA)
  • Forged strong relationships with the Alaska Association of School Boards and the Alaska Association of School Administrators to fight together for needed education, technology and school improvements
  • Helped individual members districts secure funding for critical projects

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