Legislature sues the Governor over forward funding of education

On Tuesday, July 16, the Legislature sued the Governor over whether legislators can fund schools for multiple years.  On Wednesday, the court ordered State funding for Alaska public schools to continue uninterrupted despite the lawsuit.  Schools should receive their first monthly payments within the next week, according to the assistant attorney general.

Meanwhile, the dispute continues between the Alaska Legislature and Gov. Mike Dunleavy over whether legislators can legally fund schools for multiple years. 

The issue stems from 2018 when legislators approved two years of education funding, for school years 2018-19 and 2019-20. They said at the time that they wanted to provide schools with some stability. For 2019-20, they agreed to fund schools at the same level as the prior year, with an additional $30 million, one-time grant.  Governor Bill Walker approved the budget.  The judicial system will resolve the issue including whether the $30 million in funding is legal.