Ed Connector 

Ed Connector is an interactive online portal designed to enhance school district administrative capacity and increase leadership collaboration. The Ed Connector platform provides access to existing and emerging education resources and research, while also providing opportunities for sharing and collaboration among school and district leaders, EED, University of Alaska, and support providers.


After identifying a need among its members for a centralized source of educational resources, research, and support, the Coalition for Education Equity made exploration and establishment of such a resource one of the major initiatives in its 2012 Three Year Plan. In 2013, the Coalition conducted a statewide study that confirmed a need for access to coordinated, centralized education resources and a desire for collaboration and sharing resources among districts (see the report here).

With input from superintendents and other education leaders in Alaska, Ed Connector was developed and launched in February 2015 – an interactive portal, moderated by professional staff, designed to expand district, school, and educator capacity and cultivate leadership collaboration. Ed Connector provides a platform for promising education practices developed across the state to be shared with others, and an opportunity for Alaska to cultivate a rich resource bank of dynamic content, built on the knowledge and expertise of our educators.

Ed Connector – built and powered by Alaska educators – is a dynamic, interactive, sharing platform provided at no cost to its users. Request your account or schedule a demonstration by visiting www.EdConnector.org or calling (907) 227-1704.